Clinton Watkins

Since 1994 Clinton Watkins has produced artwork that investigates affects that combinations of sonic and visual information can have on an audience. The key conceptual issues of his work are drawn from an interest in constructing immersive experiences through the use of sound, colour and scale of installation incorporating video projection, television monitors and custom-made audio and video hardware. The visual and sound base of his work focusses on the characteristics, structures, phenomena, and processing of sonic and visual material through the exploration of repetition, distortion, colour, duration and form via a minimalist sensibility.

Watkins is also a practicing musician who regularly produces and performs as a solo artist and collaboratively as an active member of the minimal electronic improvisation sextet, Plains and one half of the electronic noise duo 1000. Watkins has numerous releases of recorded material on a variety of local and international record labels such as Circle, 20 City, Claudia, Mystery Sea, CMR, Absurd and Scarcelight. Watkins holds a Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts and lecturers at Elam School of Fine Arts and AUT in time-based media and is represented by Starkwhite Gallery in Auckland, NZ.

Selected Exhibitions

Sampler, Starkwhite, Auckland (group show)

lowercase, Starkwhite, Auckland (video)

Frequency colour, starkwhite, Auckland (video/sound)

Delta, Air New Zealand In-Flight Entertainment System (video/sound)
Continuous Ship #1, Shed 10, Auckland Waterfront (video projection part of Reflect group show)
Antartica, Audio Foundation/NZ Film Archive, Auckland (performance)
City Noise, Bledisloe Walkway Lightbox Project, Auckland (photographic works)
Transcode, Wellington City Art Gallery/Engine Room, Massey University (performance with Trenton Garrett)
Force Fields, Left Bank, Wellington (video projection/sound)
Skull Spin, Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland (video installation)

Selection, Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland (solo exhibition)
Test Tone, Owens Foyer, Aotea Centre, Auckland (interactive video)
Feedback, Auckland Art Fair/Chartwell/Starkwhite (video download)
Water Selection, Auckland Museum (8-channel sound/video performance)
Magnetic Tape Response, Starkwhite, Auckland (performance)
Clinton Watkins & Phil Dadson, Te Tuhi Center for the Arts, Auckland (performance)

Force Fields, Two Rooms, Auckland (solo exhibition)
Force Fields, Institute of Contemporary Art Newton, Sydney, Australia (group exhibition)
Selections, Artspace Sydney, 17th Sydney Biennale, Australia (screening)
Avalanche, The New Zealand Film Archive (solo exhibition)
Clinton Watkins & Shoji Hano, Wine Cellar, Auckland (performance)
Landscape Distortions, Under, Lopdell House, Auckland (group exhibition)
4X Strings, Sub Sonic, Christchurch Art Gallery (sound Recording)
Noir Wave # 1/2, Square 2, City Gallery, Wellington (video/Sound)

Line & Tone, Hirschfeld Gallery, Berlin, Germany (solo exhibition)
Stride / Light, 7:5, Two Rooms, Auckland (group exhibition)
Selections & Distortions #2, H.S.P. Gallery, Christchurch (performance)
Cont Ship # 1 / 2 / 3, Square 2 Project, City Gallery, Wellington (screening)
Selections & Distortions #3, Maidment Theatre, Auckland (performance)

Selections & Distortions #1, New Zealand International Film Festival, Academy Cinema, Auckland (performance)
Cont Ship # 3 / Horizon Line # 1, Two Rooms, Auckland (solo exhibition)
Cont Ship # 1, Past-Present-Place, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, DE (screening)
Spark, Crosstalk, Two Rooms, Auckland (group exhibition)

Cont Ship #2, New Artist Show, Artspace, Auckland (group exhibition)
Plains / Michael Morley Alt. Music / Telecom International Film Festival, Gus Fisher Gallery Auckland (performance)

Cont Ship #1, 5,4,3,2,1. Auckland City Art Gallery (group exhibition)
Plains, 5,4,3,2,1. Auckland City Art Gallery (performance)
Plains, Underground, Auckland (performance)
Sonic Pixel and the Blockbuster, Telecom Auckland International Film Festival (performance w Alex Monteith & Sean Kerr)
C.W. / R.F. Liquid Architecture Festival, Auckland (performance w Richard Francis)

Plains, Transacoustic Music Festival, Kenneth Myer Center, Auckland (performance)
Basement, Rm. 103 Gallery, Auckland (sound recording)
Plains, Alt Music Festival, Artspace, Auckland (performance)

C.W. / R.F. / S.N. Alleluia Noise Festival, Auckland (performance)
Cont Ship #1, 3X Video, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland (group exhibition)
Whitebass, Acroma, Kenneth Myer Center, Auckland (performance)

Any Second Now, The New Zealand Film Archive, Auckland (group exhibition)
138 Hrs (with Karen Sanders), George Fraser Gallery, Auckland / Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin, Germany (group exhibition)
Music For Stairwells, Artspace, Auckland (sound recording)
Why I Can't Dance To Techno, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (group exhibition)
Scaffold / Rectangle (with Alex Monteith), Soliton, Regent Theatre, Auckland (performance)
Stark Audio 2 (with Sean Kerr & Richard Francis), Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland (performance)
C.W. / R.F. / S.N. Audio #1 M.P.F., Auckland (performance)

Live Audio, Rm. 104 Gallery, Auckland (performance)
Pause the Rising Tide (for film by Alex Montieth) Hotwired 2, Kenneth Myer Centre, Auckland (performance)
Stark Audio, Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland (performance)
Whitebass, Bus Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (performance)

2001 Public Enemy, High Street Gallery, Christchurch (group exhibition)

2000 Parallel, Pacific Parallels, Beautiful Music, Auckland (performance)

Graduate Exhibition, A.S.A. Gallery, Auckland (group exhibition)
Oblique, The Otira Project, Rm. 3 Gallery, Auckland (group exhibition)
Doe, Hola, The Area, Auckland (performance)

Out West, Lopdell House, Auckland (group exhibition)
Soo Good: Julian Dashper – The Twist, Waikato Museum of Art and History (performance)
Feedback in D minor, Relay-The Minutes, Artspace, Auckland (performance)

1997 Pendulum / SW Radio, Relay-North Head, Artspace / 95bFM, Auckland (performance)

2010 1000: One Step Further From Birth, CMR, NZ, (12” Lathe-cut)
2009 Richard Francis & Clinton Watkins / Adam Willets, Dungeon Taxis, NZ, (7” Vinyl)
2007 Plains: Underground, Claudi Records, NZ, (C.D.)
2005 Plains: Into Tone, Scarcelight Records, U.S.A., (C.D.)
2004 Whitebass: Depth of Field, Mystery Sea Records, Belgium, (C.D.)
2004 Whitebass: Recent Works, Gubay Press, NZ, (Dub Plate)
2004 Clinton Watkins / Stefan Neville / Richard Francis, CMR NZ, (8” Lathe-cut)
2003 Music for Stairwell, Artspace, NZ, (C.D.)
2003 Group Improvisation, Absurd Records, Greece, (C.D.)
2001 Doe, 20 City Records, Japan, (C.D.)
2000 Galleries 4 – 6, 20 City Records, Japan, (10” Lathe-cut / C.D.)
1999 Studio Songs, Circle Records, Australia / NZ, (7” Lathe-cut)
1999 Yes Yesterday, Circle Records, Australia / NZ, (7” Lathe-cut)
1999 3 Songs, Circle Records, Australia / NZ, (7” Lathe-cut)
1998 The Boa Guild, King Records, NZ, (7” Lathe-cut) 1997 Three / Eso Steel, King Records, NZ, (7” Lathe-cut)

2011 Doctor of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

2004 Master of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

2000 Diploma in Audio Engineering, School of Audio Engineering (S.A.E.), Auckland

1998 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Auckland University of Technology