Dick Whyte

b. 1978

Dick Whyte is an artist whose extensive videography encompasses appropriation, intervention, political satire and abstraction. He work often re-purposes existing footage to critique modes of representation found in the mass media. In recent years he has curated selections of YouTube videos which unwittingly follow in a lineage of experimental film practice. He has also made a number of re-makes of classic avant-garde films, drawing them into the lexicon of the mainstream movie industry.

Dick Whyte is also a painter, musician and poet. Musically he performs in group ensembles and solo and has merged both his moving image and audio practice in several videos. His haiku poetry has been published in numerous journals around the world.

Martin Rumsby on Dick Whyte: 

“Although one of the most prolific artists associated with Wellington’s Aro Valley school of filmmakers Dick Whyte is probably the least known of its members... Whyte's early work consists largely of video feedback abstractions and poetic treatments of Wellington city. Since 2006 Whyte's work has been focused on remakes, remixes, reconstructions and other forms of detournement. These include tributes to the American artists George Landow (Owen Land) in Bardo Follies II (2006), John Whitney in Matrix IV (2010), John Cage and Andy Warhol, as well as remixing footage shot by the Lumiere Brothers in The Specter of Communism (2010). John Key, Britney Spears and Alfred Hitchcock are also ‘treated’. Whyte has also produced a number of documentaries with Toby Donald and worked on the dramatic feature films of Alexander Greenhough and Elric Kane; collaborating with Greenhough on the script for I Think I'm Going (2003) and acting in Kissy Kissy (2007).” - Published in On Film, 2011.

Selected Exhibitions


I Wish I was A Sparrow, MEANWHILE, Wellington

Concerned Citizens: Raising Money for the ‘Terror Raid’ Arrestees, Garrett Street, Wellington
Photochop III, Thistle Hall, Wellington
The Briefcase Project, Thistle Hall, Wellington
Hamilton International & Underground Film Festival, Waikato Museum Lecture Theatre, Hamilton

A Horse Walks into a Bar, The New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington
Detournement: Critical Cinema and the Internet, The New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington
Ghost Movies: Experimental shorts from the Aro Valley Digital Cinema 1997-2007, The Frederick Street Light and Sound Experience, Wellington
Hamilton Underground Film Festival, Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton

Experimental Film & Video Art, The Physics Room, Christchurch
Still Moving: From Photography to Interactive Art, Corbans Estate Art Centre, Auckland
Scenes From the Aro Valley, Paramount Theatre, Wellington

Wayfarer Gallery Presents: The Successful Organisation of Space for the Modern Artist, after Kim Patton’s ‘Time Will Break the World’, ARTSPACE, Auckland
Iris Out, New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington

Wayfarer Gallery Presents: A Festival of Enjoyment, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington
Projections, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington