Elisabeth Pointon

"Under the guise of ‘double agent’ - defined as having a day job (as the Bookings Coordinator at a luxury car dealership) - that feeds into my art, my practice investigates how shared spaces are becoming sites for communal isolation. Informed by Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s writing, my practice considers the implications of championing artistic spirit into the work environment, in an attempt to overturn the dominant corporate language, and the power attributed to it. In my workplace, the drive for profit is used to shape our cultural environment, and our relationships with one another. I attempt to re-shape the workplace into a micro-utopic community through “the big, romantic gesture of art”, employing public intervention, performance, sculpture, text, and video made in collaboration and discussion with my colleagues, as points of departure to activate our public spaces. Over the past year, my position as Bookings Coordinator has been re- configured to include 'Official Artist in Residence'. The philosophies and practices that form the central tenets of my research stem from my Hindu, Fijian-Indian mother." - EP

CIRCUIT Resources

Essay by Hamish Win (2019) 
Masons Lane, Wellington (2018) 

Selected Exhibitions

SOMETHING BIG, Tiffany and Co, Auckland Art Fair 
Where to from here (solo), Jhana Millers, Wellington

Into the Open, NZ Arts Festival, Te Papa
Uncomfortable Silence, Christchurch Art Gallery

What Goes Up (solo), City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi
Home Movies, AURA festival of Artists Moving Images, Wellington
For the Last Time, Would You Look at That (solo), Hobart, Australia
Better living, everyone (solo), Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin
Moving forward (solo), First Draft, Sydney, Australia

Special Offer (solo), Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland
Don’t miss out, The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington
Human Resources, collaboration with Gwyn Easterbrook-Smith, MEANWHILE, Wellington
The Mood Machine, Satellites, Auckland
The Gates, Millers O’Brien, Wellington

The Welcoming Party’s Official Launch Party for: Complimentary Service, Philosophy House, Wellington
The Welcoming Party Presents: Complimentary Service, Performance Arcade, Wellington
The Welcoming Party Presents: Free Time, MEANWHILE, Wellington