Gabriel White

b. 1971

"For over a decade and a half I have been making improvised video diaries - or ‘mappings’ - which translate my wanderings through the urban wilderness into playful musings. Works such as Tongdo Fantasia (2003), Aucklantis (2008), Triangleland (2012), Oracle Drive (2013) and Around the Margins (2016) all feature voiceover narration, generally recorded on the moment by a distinctly alien translator, delivering humorous or surreal observations that also probe at less explicit themes" - Artist Statement

Selected Exhibitions

Around the Margins, NZIFF, Wellington; NZIFF, Auckland

The Artists Cinema, Auckland University of Technology; SPARK, Hamilton

Oracle Drive, NZIFF Wellington; NZIFF Auckland 

Triangleland, NZIFF Wellington; NZIFF Auckland 
The Artists Cinema, New Zealand Film Society

The Artists Cinema, Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, Wellington; LUX, London; Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Thailand