Gabriel White

b. 1971

Gabriel White is a performer, writer and filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. White has concentrated for the past decade on exploring and remapping landscapes. He has a particular interest in working with verbal material, whether in more serious oral histories such as Stories of Tāmaki (2010) and The Unplanned Masterpiece (2009), or in the more playful and poetic works of The World Blank series (2001-2010). 

The works of The World Blank series (Dry Dock, Aucklantis, Tongdo Fantasia, The Tree of Tule, Journey to the West) are travelogues characterized by an irreverent, stream-of-consciousness, in situ approach. Speaking to a handheld camera as he wanders far (and not-so far) flung regions, the artist weaves monologues into intricate, whimsical mappings of his surroundings.

Selected Exhibitions

Around the Margins, NZIFF, Wellington; NZIFF, Auckland

The Artists Cinema, Auckland University of Technology; SPARK, Hamilton

Oracle Drive, NZIFF Wellington; NZIFF Auckland 

Triangleland, NZIFF Wellington; NZIFF Auckland 
The Artists Cinema, New Zealand Film Society

The Artists Cinema, Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, Wellington; LUX, London; Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Thailand