Ivan Mrsic

Ivan Mršić is an interdisciplinary visual artist, percussionist, composer and improviser. His work crosses many disciplines; his practice builds on the foundations of the avant gardé, transforming them into contemporary dialogue. He has a fascination and annoyance with consumerism, waste and excessive energy consumption. In his paintings Mrsic investigates divination, identity, memory, food aesthetics and chance.

Mršić is founder of The Projection Band (2009-), a musical group influenced by Henry Bergson, the European avant garde and John Cage. He shifts these ideas into a contemporary context to express emotions and feelings of the time we live in. His video animation installations transform the audience perception of processes and materials that he has manipulated. This material is also used in live performances by The Projection Band, using colour saturation, duration and immersion as affect. He references today's consumerism as a society of deception and exploitation.

Part of his aural experimental practice explores the sonic potential of discarded everyday-objects. He also builds instruments himself – his “Theareye Collection” sharing the assumption that virtually anything can become a musical instrument under certain conditions. His research and creation of contemporary music instruments (eg: his kitchen sinks with springs), have been a signature sound for his compositions. During the last few years of experimenting he has been working on projects where the entire instrument body becomes touch sensitive, with addition of various parts for percussion, vibration and bowing, employing methods and testing sounds, trying to create an all-in-one Ivan sound. He composed sound for the et.al. projects description and Trans–cryption, and continues to collaborate with many artists and musicians. 

Ivan completed a Master of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts with First Class Honours. Born in Zagreb, Croatia he currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Selected Exhibitions

July Group Show, Mokopopaki Gallery, Auckland

Share/Cheat/Unite, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland

Rotational Love, Audio Foundation, Auckland

Body I Memory, Fresh Gallery Otara, Auckland

Minic Langugae, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

Signature Show, Pyramid Club, Wellington

The Ritual, Snake Pit, Auckland