Joanna Margaret Paul

b. 1945

"Joanna Margaret Paul's experimental films are cine-poems: silent meditative studies of environments and/or the people within them. Martin Rumsby has described Paul's film work as 'domestic portraiture'. "Her camera - often still, albeit with a hand-held shiver, sometimes in motion - records moving images that others would deem unimportant; cracks ina concrete wall, a dilapidated building, a womans hands ironing. The films are a document of everyday life through the eye of an artist" - Kathy Dudding.

"New Zealander Joanna Margaret Paul’s films were made in relative artistic isolation from avant-garde film discourse in the mid-1970s, but are rooted in an acute feminist politics that focuses on concerns of shared female social spaces and everyday domestic situations." - Frieze Online (2016)

"All my films, poems, paintings play more or less between inner and outer events" - JMP, Cantrills Film Notes nos. 47,48. August 1985.

Other Resources
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