Kirsten Dryburgh

b. 1967

b. 1967, Auckland Dryburgh is an Auckland based artist and a founding member of Parlour - the artist run group. Her work investigates environments and materials of the everyday, "using pseudo-scientific experimentations and abstracted explorations to create intriguing visual anomalies" (L Hacking 2012). She has always had a passion and fascination for the natural world and it's ontology and the place where is converges with humanity. She uses her practice as a tool to create fictional potentialities between the two. Dryburgh graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2004, majoring in sculpture. She spent 5 years as one of the collective directors of rm gallery, and was also a member of the Group Project.

Selected Exhibitions


Tectonic Crust Cake / Calcite future aquatic, Window Art Gallery, Auckland

Staging Miracles 111: Square2, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington
Running on Pebbles cur. Allan Smith, Snake Pit, Auckland

Plane Tree, Parlour Peeps, Parlour - Auckland
Staging Miracles 11: Window, Auckland University, Auckland

A Garden for Norman -RM Gallery, Auckland
Staging Miracles, ViewFinder, The New Zealand Film Archive