Lissa Mitchell

b. 1970

"All my films were made in Wellington during the 1990s when I lived purely for 16mm film and noise music – day and night. For a film, if I had a good idea I just got on and made it – it was the best feeling – work for hours on it and then run it through a projector (hoping it wouldn't 'chew it up') and see what it looked like. If it was good I'd keep going. I was in a band: Fever Hospital, we recorded a tingly soundtrack for my film, Bowl Me Over.  Recently I have been writing. My work includes chapters in the books: Brian Brake: Lens on the World (2010) and The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader (2008) and essays in journals." - Artist Statement

CIRCUIT Projects

The Sound of SeeingWellington (2020)
Originals, Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands (2018)

Selected Exhbitions 

The Sound Of Seeing, The Pyramid Club, Wellington

Bowl Me Over, Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands

The Experimental Archive, LUX (UK); Site Gallery Sheffield (UK); Kunstmuseum Lichtenstein