Lissa Mitchell

b. 1970

"All my films were made in Wellington during the 1990s when I lived purely for 16mm film and noise music – day and night. For a film, if I had a good idea I just got on and made it – it was the best feeling – work for hours on it and then run it through a projector (hoping it wouldn't 'chew it up') and see what it looked like. If it was good I'd keep going. I was in a band: Fever Hospital, we recorded a tingly soundtrack for my film, Bowl Me Over.  

Recently I have been writing. My work includes chapters in the books: Brian Brake: Lens on the World (2010) and The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader (2008) and essays in journals." - Artist Statement

Bowl Me Over, Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands

The Experimental Archive, LUX (UK); Site Gallery Sheffield (UK); Kunstmuseum Lichtenstein