Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson is an artist, video maker and musician from Port Chalmers currently located in Australia. His work employs a multidisciplinary approach incorporating sound, video, sculpture, drawing and painting. Key to all his work is the relationship between time, sound, noise and signal.

Selected Exhibitions
Excavation, work in group show The Anteroom, Port Chalmers

Shearwater Sound Installation, Christchurch Public Art Gallery, 1st-31st October, Christchurch
Ping pong pop Remote Sound Improvisation. 21st March 2010 with Sean Kerr, Clinton Watkins, Adam
Willetts, Nathan Thompson

2009 Tsunami Artist Book from 100 waveform drawings, text by Bridie Lonie 
2008 Electrocuted single channel video loop in Séance for Nam June Paik screening/ performance event curated by Daniel Agnihotri-Clark, Physics Room contemporary art space, Christchurch