Established and represented by artists Zhoe Granger and Ashlin Raymond, Personal Best began as a gallery in 2011 and transformed in 2012 to a creative agency focusing on one off creative projects and communication in contemporary art.

Zhoe Granger and Ashlin Raymond are young artists with a wealth of knowledge across a spread of creative industries. PBPR endeavours to transcend the boundaries of art and capitalism everyday. The collaboration operates as a synergy, a composite force becoming a gaian mind that spits out communications based on the psychic or random forming of trends. By banding together and creating this composite cyborg construct of abilities we stretch collaboration to a new degree.

PBPR deals with the gaseous, malleable mediums of the ultra modern, the HD pixel, the screenplay, the swedish couch, we take and give, enveloping ourselves in an endless stream of ideas and culture. Experience is key to our practice, giving people what they want. We seek it out and chase it.

Selected Exhibitions
Chill Spree, Dog Park Project Space Christchurch
PB PR Presents: 100% Pure You, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin

PBPR presents Boundless Energy, Ferari, Auckland
The Millennial Biennial: Rod Barton Gallery, London 
Chapstick/Perrier, St Georges Court office space, Auckland