The Parasitic Fantasy Band

The Parasitic Fantasy Band was an expanded cinema 16mm/8mm film and sound performance group featuring Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton. During the 2000's they presented numerous works in public galleries, the New Zealand International Film Festival, the New Zealand Film Archive and various venues in tours of the United States and Australia.

“...modified multi-screen 16mm works, structuralist light refractions, phasing optical illusions, ecstatic colour tapestries, pseudo-anthropologic mystic fictional direct film story telling, kinetic alchemical rhythms, hypnotic flicker dreams, trapeze interventions with narratives blueprinted from the life cycles of migrating sea birds...” 

Their live performances included “multiple film projectors, bending mirrors, light fracturing objects, organic materials, gongs, electronics, activations and interventions, droning resonating strings on projectors, textural electronics, computational story telling and forest field recordings hand collected from the Amazon jungles of South America.”

They were also active in organising various experimental film events in Auckland.

CIRCUIT Projects

The Sound of SeeingWellington (2020)

Selected Exhibitions


The Sound of Seeing, The Pyramid Club, Wellington