CIRCUIT Cast 100: Yona Lee, Amy Howden-Chapman, Gavin Hipkins

A montage of four speakers in a Zoom video conferencing call window. Clockwise from left: Amy Howden-Chapman, Thomasin Sleigh, Gavin Hipkins, Yona Lee

The advent of the pandemic has seen a rush of material going online. While this has created opportunities for artists and audiences, all sculptural conditions for the moving image are now flattened by the browser and computer speakers. How do we feel about these new conditions for exhibition and viewing? What challenges and opportunities do they represent for artists and how are they affecting practice?

This podcast is the first in a two-part series that looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted artists working in the moving and the institutions that show their work. In this episode, Thomasin Sleigh talk to artists Yona Lee, Amy Howden-Chapman, and Gavin Hipkins about how they're navigating the pandemic, new platforms for creating work, and whether the art world travels too much.