CIRCUIT CAST Episode 56: 2016 wrap-up

Detail from Ladies (2016) Chris Ulutupu

How do we create indigenous spaces in our institutions? How do we create spaces for new voices? Our 2016 end of year pod took place immediately after a wānanga on curating indigenous art at Takapūwāhia Marae and Pātaka Art + Museum, and a subsequent panel at City Gallery Wellington. Pod guests Nina Tonga, Martin Patrick and Nathan Pohio discuss issues raised, and their highlights of 2016 - best emerging artist? best show? And looking towards the future, where do artists want to situate their art and why?

Note: Apologies for the technical issues in this podcast, which were a product of a) technical failure and b) the crazy idea to situate this conversation in a bar pre-Xmas. Yes, we know.