CIRCUIT Cast Episode 78: an interview with Alex Monteith

Image: Detail from Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions (production still), 2014. Alex Monteith, Sportsman Cave, Tamatea (Dusky Sound). Photo: Sarah Munro

"There's always the question of authoring ... I like the shared space of co-production" - Alex Monteith

In this career-spanning interview with Mark Williams, Alex Monteith discusses Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions (2019), an ongoing project which brings together representatives of Iwi, South Island museums and researchers nationwide to revisit a collection of archaeological material from Te Mimi o Tū Te Rakiwhānoa (Fiordland coastal and marine area). Monteith also discusses the working methods behind her 2005 feature film on the Irish Troubles, Chapter and Verse, and a subsequent shift towards works based around surfing, motorcycles and military aircraft.

Watch a documentation excerpt from Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions and the complete film Chapter and Verse.