CIRCUIT Cast Episode 80: an interview with Chevron Hassett

Still from Mauri Tū, The First Breath of Light (2019) from the series The Children of Māui

On the phone from Sydney, Chevron Hassett talks to Mark Amery about Mauri Tū, The First Breath of Light (2019) showing as part of Home Movies, this Saturday 28 September 10am-4pm in Wellington. The work visualises the sunrise over Te Moana Nui a Kiwi (The Pacific Ocean) at Rangitikuia, East Cape just North of Gisborne, into the lands of the Ngāti Porou. Hassett describes the video as "a continuous loop in a poetic repetition, like a series of kowhaiwhai designs scrolling the roof the wharenui, intricately expressing sacred narratives of the Ngāti Porou...the light englightens you of the past, as the warmth connects us to the past and the waves prepare you for the future."