CIRCUIT Cast Episode 81: an interview with Tanu Gago

Still from Savage in the Garden (2019) Tanu Gago. Commissioned by CIRCUIT for Personal Space, curated by Serena Bentley

Savage in the Garden is a new work by Tanu Gago, currently showing at Artspace Aotearoa as part of Personal Space, CIRCUIT’s 2019 Artist Cinema Commissions, curated by Serena Bentley. Here Tanu talks to Mark Amery about a practice based on countering false narratives of Pasifika masculinity, and overcoming his own sense of cultural dislocation to build communities at home and internationally.

“I’m interested in what Pacific work looks like situated in a lens of popular culture” - Tanu Gago

Apologies for the quality of the audio for the first 4 minutes of this recording.