CIRCUIT Cast Episode 83: an Interview With John Walter

John Walter. Image courtesy of Gus Fisher Gallery

"HIV doesn’t have agency, it’s not alive like we are, it’s just a piece of programming, but... in empathising with it, I have gained a greater respect for it" - John Walter

In this podcast Mark Williams talks to John Walter, a British artist exhibiting in Aotearoa as part of the group show Queer Algorithms now on at Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland until 2 May. 'Resisting labels, binaries and the need to categorise, Queer Algorithms is conceived from an intersectional viewpoint where gender fluidity and identities are understood as always multifarious and in flux.' Walter discusses his work in the show which "pivots against Felix Gonzales Torres and the way HIV has been represented previously in visual arts" and includes the video A Virus walks into a bar (2018). Watch the trailer here.