CIRCUIT Cast Episode 85: Never Waste A Crisis - a conversation with Judy Darragh, Ary Jansen, Lisa Reihana

In moments of change there is a window to act. How do we organise our politics around the new situation? How do we organise our institutions? What role should artists play in this? How do we move beyond short term solutions to long term ones? And if the next crisis - climate change - is going to change daily life for all of us, what do we need to put in place *now* for the long term? This podcast brings together three artists - Judy Darragh, Ary Jansen, Lisa Reihana - to discuss the future of art after Covid 19, and a new advocacy group for artists, Arts Makers Aotearoa. Hosted by Mark Williams.

Lisa Reihana is a multi-disciplinary artist who represented New Zealand at the Venice Biennale in 2017 with the large scale video installation in Pursuit of Venus [infected].

Judy Darragh is an artist who uses found objects to create sculptural assemblages. She has also worked in paint and film. See her page on CIRCUIT.

Ary Jansen is an artist and musician based in Auckland.