Popular Glory: Contemporary Queerness & the Moving Image - Episode 4: Christopher Ulutupu

A Pasifika woman in a red dress sings alone into a microphone  in front of a blue stage curtainDetail, Christopher Christopher Ulutupu, What’s the worst you could do? (2021) Two-channel HD video, sound 10 mins 48 secs. Cinematography by Haz Forrester, Sound & Camera Assist by Kane Laing. Commissioned by Te Tuhi, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

“People who are trying to oppress you hate the fact you’re having an awesome time” - Christopher Ulutupu

In this pod host Robbie Handcock speaks to artist Christopher Ulutupu about his production process, which draws on the visual sheen of commercial film-making, but takes a sharp turn to embrace improvisation and collaboration with friends and family. Chris discusses “what queerness is for me…” and “reimagining spaces I occupied as a kid”.