A Memoir for Falling Light (Installation Documentation)


"(A Memoir for Falling Light) ...seeks "to embed an indigenous understanding of time and death into a reading of the final moments of a person’s life" - Robert George

"George's new experimental film explores the psychological and emotional impact of an impending loss. Multiple channels are employed to entangle the often contradictory stories we tell and the coping mechanisms we adopt to deal with fear and heartache. The deliberately multi-perspective approach also works against the binary logic of what is real or imagined, privileging a plurality of events unfolding at any one moment to destabilise the idea of a single logic. In this work, the concept of ‘cinema time’ and ‘dream time’ become potential devices to think through time from an indigenous position, opening out what it means to approach death, and what it might mean to remember" - Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery press release