"ĀKE, AKE, AKE - forever, evermore, on and on, forevermore. ĀKE, AKE, AKE is a multimedia installation and Jamie’s first experimental attempt exploring her own DNA through soundscape translating chromosome sequencing data into a musical score using taonga puoro and layered with sounds from the whenua and bird calls. The installation formation is based on Jamie’s marae, the famous painted marae Te Rongopai Pā, Waituhi and the imagery she would imagine as a child surrounding the fork art paintings flowing in and out on the white interior walls. The digital visuals are Jamie’s interpretation of DNA forever moving within time, dreams and aspirations for the future holders of her DNA and the land they grow up on, Te Tairawhiti. AKE in an upwards motion, acknowledging her ancestors and future bloodline." - Artist Statement