Chthonian Pulse


Description: Three channel digital video and audio installation.  
Exhibition mode: Three projections onto screens mounted at floor level (as per image below). Looped. Synchronised or presented in consultation with artist. Stereo audio from two projection sources
Media details: SD Digital files. Ratio: 4:3
Note: Stand-alone work or with selection/complete works from the series Polar Projects

Chthonian Pulse represents nature in a mesmerising and alien world-upside-down mode; an inverted canoe prow filmed in a turbulent sea-cave, flanked by slow and rapid-motion 360 WUD pans across the sculpted landscape filmed in the Garwood Dry vallery, Antarctica (2003). Short abrupt bursts of sound and image are intercut from the alien icescapes of McMurdo Sound, shot from the air.

Installation Shot: Chthonian Pulse


One in a series of 8 works entitled Polar Projects, filmed in Antarctica (2003), produced with the support of Antarctica NZ and Creative NZ Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa 

Polar Projects was nominated for The Walters Prize (2006)

Selected Exhibitions: Tapping the Pulse, Philip Dadson works 1971-2004, New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington (2005)