Crystal Beauty: Electro Doll


Set to a pumping electro soundtrack, Crystal Beauty: Electro Doll shows the digital body of a naked woman, TOKI, the digital character that Hye Rim Lee has been working with, and through, since 2002. Hovering in an empty pink backdrop, TOKI is fastidiously edited by an unseen creator. The cursor moves frenetically around the vectors of the female body, moving, shaping, and pedantically perfecting her anatomy.

TOKI appears at the beginning of the work already in a state of hyper-idealised femininity, with absurdly large doe-like eyes, pert breasts, and feet augmented with in-built high heels. As the work progresses, she is minutely and continuously stretched and tucked, suggesting that the goal of female beauty is always out of reach.


Director: Hye Rim Lee
3D animation: Rachel Copp
Sound: Jed Town