Driving behind a very animated tree


A video by Xin Cheng and Ziggy Lever.

"Since 2014 Xin Cheng and Ziggy Lever have embarked on a series of walks and conversations. Rambling through our local neighbourhoods or wandering along the route of an underground lava cave network, we come across places, objects, smells, sounds, and images that might lead us in a different direction. The indeterminacy and precariousness of this rambling opens up an attitude of being in the present, where pauses and silences are just as important as the content of our discussions. Driving Behind a Very Animated Tree was made spontaneously whilst driving together in 2015. It is part of a series of videos, drawings, sound recordings, and texts that will be shown at the Audio Foundation from the 18th November - 12th December 2020" - Artist Statement