Exhibition Documentation: Tyler Jackson, LIGHT HAUS, play_station gallery, Wellington 2020


"Jackson’s practice explores and provokes audience receptions to colour and light, creating light works that evoke a dynamic, participatory response to colour. In LIGHT-HAUS, the method is repurposed to consider our responses to cinema itself. The installation, as the accompanying text explains, looks to reconstruct Herbert Bayer’s idea of the cinema through reinterpretation of the monolith, provoking audience perceptions of light, colour, sound and cinema. The Bauhaus designer mostly known for his work in graphic design and typography (and for advising on corporate art collections), Bayer was also fascinated by exhibition design and the spatial-temporal possibilities of audience perception. In the gesamtkunstwerk tradition of Bauhaus, Bayer conceived of his exhibition designs (sometimes realised, sometimes not) as:

“an apex of all media and powers of communication and of collective efforts and effects. The combined means of visual communication constitutes a remarkable complexity: language as visible printing or sound, pictures as symbols, paintings, and photographs, sculptural media, materials and surfaces, colour, light, movement (of the display as well as the visitor), films, diagrams, and charts. The total application of all plastic and psychological means (more than anything else) makes exhibition design an intensified and new language.”

From an essay by Millie Riddell. Read the full text on CIRCUIT here.


Sound by Jack Jenkins