Eyes on the Moon


Description: Single channel digital video and audio installation
Exhibition mode: Single projection. 3 min 37 sec Looped. Stereo audio from two projection sources
Media details: HD Digital files. Ratio: 16:9
Note: Stand-alone work or with selection/complete works from the series A Last look at the Moon.

"Kennedy combs through old books and journals for her source images. Often culled from 1960s and 70s photography and illustration, many bear the sun-bleached aura of a California snapshot. In Eyes on the Moon she endowed these images with life-like qualities, or juxtaposed them to startling and absurd effect - a macraméd plant holder slowly turns in space; panda heads propel from the earth like launched rockets; and, in time to John Payne's synthesised beats, astronauts cavort with beach balls on the surface of the moon." - Miriam Harris


Animation: Jill Kennedy
Sound: John Payne