Description: Single channel video with sound
Exhibition Mode: Digital projection
Media details: 16:9, 1920x1080

If you say something over and over again - like the words I Love You - at first it sounds as if it has some meaning. But after saying it 10 times over again, you start to hear the words individually and the meaning underlying the words comes to question. After 100,000 times you might think that the speaker is insane and yet, even though the language has been compromised, the speech that produces the words is still producing feeling, and feeling is capable of telling you something.


Film: Andrew de Freitas
Performance: Lina Hermsdorf
Featuring: Jol Thomson

Cadenza for solo viola - composed by Krzysztof Penderecki
Adapted to violin and cello by Stefan Weber
Performed by Stefan Weber [violin] & Johannes Kasper [cello]

Field recording and audio sampling: Andrew de Freitas
Original score / digital composition: {tf.crdnl}
Additional Sound Recording: Alexey Vanushkin

Remerciements: Frankfurter Kunstverein - Lillian Engelmann/ Frein Jäger, Aurélia Defrance, Patrick Keaveney, Amy Ball