"The film is seemingly a discussion on art and the making of artifice but more than this runs a chord with the marrow of articulation and speech. Intensified by a feeling of anticipation: a narrative device usually premised on delivering an outcome foreshadowed by symbolic codes. In this case, the codes are emptied out by the use of repetition and a re-cycling of motifs, re-inscribed by the soundtrack in which the breath—inhale, exhale—is a highly audible instrument."

- Laura Preston from the essay On the system of atmospheric form: two films by Andrew de Freitas (2014)


Film: Andrew de Freitas
Performance: Lina Hermsdorf
Featuring: Jol Thomson

Cadenza for solo viola - composed by Krzysztof Penderecki
Adapted to violin and cello by Stefan Weber
Performed by Stefan Weber [violin] & Johannes Kasper [cello]

Field recording and audio sampling: Andrew de Freitas
Original score / digital composition: {tf.crdnl}
Additional Sound Recording: Alexey Vanushkin

Remerciements: Frankfurter Kunstverein - Lillian Engelmann/ Frein Jäger, Aurélia Defrance, Patrick Keaveney, Amy Ball