Ghost Shelters


Using drone mounted cameras and 3D modelling, Ghost Shelters maps a series of ‘abject monuments’ in Germany and the United States including Teufelsberg, the defunct Allied listening post built on a hill of rubble in Grünewald, Berlin; Albert Speer’s test drum (a giant concrete cylinder which was a prototype stanchion for a huge causeway leading to Germania, Hitler’s reimagined Berlin), Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World (modeled on Neuschwanstein, a late nineteenth century gothic revival stately home in Southern Germany) and the entrance to Birkenau Concentration Camp.

“While the video footage has been taken in real time, and represents an object in the physical world, the overall effect is reminiscent of video games and CGI. This effect is a recurring feature of Bunkley’s practice, blurring the distinction between ‘depicted’ and ‘depiction’ and it is the materialisation of them as models which renders them tragic.” - Matthew Crookes from the essay Brit Bunkley's Ghost Shelters