Ghosting (excerpts)


Excerpts from a 12:50 mins single channel video exhibited as part of the installation Ghosting in 2020.

"The film is a rumination upon identity and place filmed within the artist’s front yard in Melbourne. In the first colour section, van Hout plays a US soldier in a war film and recites from The Other Face to be (1913), a rhetorical poem by De Stijl founder, Theo van Doesburg, pseudonym of Christian Emil Marie Küpper (1883-1933)... In The Other Face to be, van Doesburg explores the tension between individual and collective processes of identity formation. His text resonates with the modern idea of progress through the emancipation of individuals from prescribed identities" - text from an essay by Lance Pearce, 2020. 


Ghosting (The Garden) (excerpts) 2020. Single channel video (colour/sound), 12:50:00mins, Super 8 film scanned to 4k digital, edition of 3 + 1 AP
Text by Theo van Doesburg, The Other Face to be, De Stijl magazine, Vol XIII (1926), pg 64
Music by Echo and the Bunnymen, Villiers Terrace from the album Crocodiles (1980)
Improv guitar and string playing by Vito van Hout, 2019