Inspired by a new age hippie-esque movement called ‘Earthing’, or ‘grounding’, this work questions what it is to be meaningfully connected in response to an increasingly technological landscape and ‘utopic’ ideas emerging around being beyond the earth and beyond the body.

The ocean represents one of the least viable habitats for technology. As an interpretation of 'Earthing', a naked woman attempts to stabilise her electrons by getting in touch with nature. Later, she lies in the flowing current.

 “Earthing is a movement that taps into the electrical energy of the earth. A form of grounding, in earthing, it is believed that Earth’s electrical field transfers to the body if some part of the body touches the earth or touches an object that can conduct Earth's electrical field. With this connection to Earth, the body takes in free electrons, which are believed to serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that block oxidation of other molecules, preventing the development of free radicals, which harm the body.” - 

This work is also part of the three screen installation Beach Body.