Lift Off (3 screens in 1 installation demo)


Note: This video is a demonstration of all three video screens in the installation Lift Off. The final installation work disperses the screens in the gallery space and includes a tinsel curtain.

"The sound of a bellowing Hawaiian Ipu drum beat calls across the floor of Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art. Turning a corner, you suddenly encounter a shimmering, hanging curtain of deep blue, aqua and silver tinsel. Looking adjacent reveals projected images of animated satellites. They jump, leap and gyrate to the beat of the master drumming teacher, the Kumu Hula. Eventually, the towers obliterate into pixels of digital confetti, until there are no more colonial intrusions left on the volcanic expanse of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea...Not only does Rands imagine Mauna Kea clear of telescopes, she imagines Hawaiian epistemologies - specifically that of hula - to be the powerful forces by which the telescopes are removed. Following in the footsteps of a suite of Indigenous futurist artists from Turtle Island to Hawaiʻi, Rands' animation uses traditional practices to imagine radical change."

This work is discussed in an essay by Lana Lopesi (2019)


Artist: Ahilapalapa Rands
Animation assistance: Fred K Tschepp
Ipu beat: Auliʻi Mitchell (remastered by Nikolai Mahina)