Mangere Mall


Description: Single channel video with sound (continuous loop)
Exhibition Mode: Digital projection or monitor with audio
Media details: 16:9, 1920x1080 digital file

Synopsis: Five cameras, six dancers and lots of movement.

Mangere Mall is part of a series of video works shot in South Auckland spaces, influenced by dance. Waacking is a style of street dance that originates from Black and Latino gay nightclubs of 1970’s Los Angeles. Influenced by disco and originally know as “The Garbo”, male performers would dress as women and perform to female songs on stage. The contemporary waacking style has migrated to Aotearoa, with the Waikato based VOGUE Dance Crew incorporating moves that have been influenced by the synchronized syncopated movements of waacking. This video work is intended as a celebration of the movement and reinterpretation of culture.

In this moving image work we see the dancers performing under the canopies of the Mangere Town Centre, which is located near an industrial centre and was one of a number of town centre developments instigated by the 1970’s New Zealand government as part of a state housing program. During the late 1970’s and 80’s the ethnic status of the area changed greatly, with an influx of Pacific Islanders who took up work in the surrounding industrial areas. The Mangere Town Centre was originally an open-air mall, the local business community designed the canopy structures to accommodate their use of the space.

Installation Shot: from Waack, Whine, Pop and Roll, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch 15 September – 7 October 2012


Video by Rebecca Ann Hobbs 

Performers: VOGUE Dance Crew
Production Assistance: Graeme Marshall, Julie Tapper, Ema Tavola and the Mangere Mall staff
Sound Track: Tropicalinare

Musicians: Cat Ruka and Joshua Rutter of Sweat City Heat Wave