Artist Statement: “One of 4 video-based performances for which I created a large white gown, that came to resemble a safe space, a feminine space and an incubator of my body. In each video, the gown became a medium for collecting; firstly the staining ash of the cave (Cave); it was then a filthy object, torn apart by myself and the wild nature of the animal (Dog); it was a healing object, where my good friend Eliza Baker taught me to mend (Mending). Finally, the gown underwent a return, or a transition, to black (Dyeing).

These works were informed by investigation into void-like spaces including ‘Chora’, described by Elizabeth Grosz as a "third like feminine space, a space that evades all characterisations including the disconcerting logic of identity, of hierarchy, of being, the regulation of order”, and Te Kore, on which Sofia Minson describes as; “Before life, Te Kore is a state of chaos, abundant with possibilities; an unlimited potential for being. Te Kore holds our potential, not only for physical growth, but for consciousness, creativity and learning.” 

With this last video (Dyeing) the gown now resembles my connection to the beginning; Chora, Te Kore, Te pō, void.

These works are for my love Samie Knegt who though is far away has held and inspired this work. 6/12/19 - HW"