“The emphasis in this work, as is usual in much of my practice is about the humming of relation between things in the world.  To place two autonomous yet tonally connected genres beside each other (here moving image and audio) produces a space that holds an unpredictable potentiality. 

There is a starting state which is simple but soon becomes complex within the observation of the attentive viewer.  This space tends to initiate a generative state of being rather than the falling into an act of recognition. It allows for the palpable experience of murmur which weaves possibility back into the viewers world. Sometimes this can be called sensate thinking for oneself.” - KFP

Commissioned by CIRCUIT and curated by Mercedes Vicente as part of Thick Cinema (2017), a series of artist cinema commissions exploring the role of the body and sensorial experience in cinematic intelligibility and meaning.


Sound: William Henry Meung