Popular Glory (voiceover version)


"In Popular Glory the use of eerie stage-design, make-up, and costume become a site of Horror through campy self-portraiture. By making use of the formal visual cues of genre film, it steps away from a traditional narrative structure to inflict the subject with conflicting roles of perpetuator and the persecuted. That tension is evocative of the ambiguity of queer characters in the history of horror movies who serve as stand-ins for a faint violence and pitied outlaw." - Artist Statement

Note: a second version of this work does not include a voiceover

This work is discussed by the artist on CIRCUIT Cast 89


Made while in residence at Varda Artists Residency, California with the support of ARTSPACE Aotearoa and Creative New Zealand. First shown as part of the group exhibition THE BILL: For Collective Unconscious at Artspace Aotearoa, Auckland (2016).