Samin Son TV


A compilation of material from various Samin Son performances from 2011-12 documented on video, assembled for the purpose of a single channel installation in 2013. The artists work makes reference to their time spent in the Korean Army, and usually feature the artist in uniform, often recreating rituals of training and discipline.

Audio and Visuals edited/composed by Samin Son from the following performances;

Samin Son Live Recording, Orira, Yogiga Expression Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Recorded by Samin Son

Samin Son and Blues Control Collaborative Improvised Live Set - Yogiga Expression Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Recorded by Russell Waterhouse

Toothpaste Action Series #2 - Ephemeral Traces Performance Collage, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington
Filmed by Nicholas Yeck-Stauffer

Toothpaste Action Series #5 - White Fungus Art Tour, The Russian Frost Farmers Gallery, Welington
Filmed by Mark Hanson

Toothpaste Action Series #11 - Soup, Tokyo, Japan
Filmed by Kayo Satoh

Hammer Piece with BLDBCU (Max Trevor Thomas Edmond) - Snake Pit Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand - CHAAT-DA by CHAAT-GI
Filmed by Barry Thomas