Spectres of Marx


A time lapse video of a performance produced for the exhibition Personal Structures: Crossing Borders (2015) at at Palazzo Mora Venice, Italy. The work consists of a mural painting Spectres of Marx, which Barber paints, then erases, leaving only the figure of Antonio Gramsci remaining.

Spectres of Marx was first produced for an exhibition in Gdansk, Poland and later in two survey exhibitions in Te Tuhi, Auckland, New Zealand and Artspace, Sydney, Austraila (2008-2009). "For the Italian context I added the Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci as the fourth ‘spectre’ replacing the original Stalin silhouette of the quartet from the original logo." - Bruce Barbe


Personal Structures: Crossing Borders was curated by Rene Rietmeyer, Valeria Romagnini and Rachele De Stefano of the non-profit Dutch based Global Art Affairs Foundation. Spectres of Marx is accompanied by an 80 page catalogue with an essay by Marc James Leger.