Spin and Spite


"Spin and Spite is composed of 2 interrelated video sequences.

The Spite sequence is a series of 4 short videos clips and animations linked with the common thread of both real and manufactured fear. The title, Spite originates from an article on a study of chimpanzees by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. According to the article by Colin Barras, the study reveals that, unlike their closet biological relative humans, chimpanzees are capable of aggression and vengeance, but are not capable of spite.

Spin is a work of whimsical apocalyptic burlesque that consists of a series of short pieces that includes composites of actual video footage and virtual 3D animations obliquely referring to the word 'spin'. In this video, objects spin; the earth spins; spiders spin... And a smiley face spins. 'Spin' is defined as “rotating”; “creating a web”; and the fabrication of possible truths by the public relations industry …whose spin doctors often “spin a web of deceit”. - Artist Statement


Music: Witchcraft Rebellion by Old Time Relijun (permission granted)