Description: Three channel digital video and audio installation. Total length: 16 minutes.
Exhibition mode: Three x LCD Screens. Two video screens (40” minimum) situated on opposite or adjacent walls of a viewing space. The 3rd screen – StoneGrind – is displayed on a smaller size LCD (12” wide approx) at floor level; screen surface horizontal. Looped. Non-Synchronous. Stereo audio from two projection sources.
Media details: SD Digital File. Ratio: 4:3
Note: Stand-alone work or with selection/complete works from the series Polar Projects. (Optional partner work; Rock-records drawings). 

A continuous, slow and fast motion, wide-angle camera exploration of the Garwood and Taylor Dry Valleys in Antarctica, the camera zooming in and around wind sculpted ventifacts and boulders, as if living objects. The audio track is comprised of field recording & sound from an instrument invented by Phil Dadson, the Bamboozitherhimher.


One in an ensemble of 8 works (Polar Projects) videoed in Antarctica (2003). Produced with the support of Antarctica NZ and CNZ Arts Council of New Zealand.

Selected Exhibitions: Art from Antarctica, Brazil, Germany (2009); Sur Polar, Buenos Aires (2006); Various showings throughout NZ as part of Polar Projects.

Walters Prize nomination (2006).