The Embrace of Night (Go To Sleep)


An experimental video installation that attempts to capture the landscape of our human interior mind. A space where the dialogue from the waking mind must give way to the unconscious mind, where dreams, memories and symbolism create the narrative.

The Embrace of Night (Go To Sleep) is the third video installation in the collaboration between Robert George and Tiffany Singh. The first video work Composed of Light (Portrait of a Friend) can be viewed until December 2013 at Auckland Art Gallery in Tiffany Singh's installation May the Rainbow always Touch Your Shoulder. The second piece The Wind That Stirs (Light Desaturated) is the main work in the Auckland Arts Festival 2013 collaboration between Robert George and Tiffany Singh Fly Me Up To Where You Are: Te Waharoa.

Conversations in Mind, Auckland, New Zealand, March 2013 (group exhibition)
Pasifika Film & Arts Festival, Sydney, Australia, July 2013 (Closing Night)
Rationalization Resistance, New Mexico, United States, July 2013 (Exhibition with Tiffany Singh)


An Experimental Short Film by Robert George
Appearances by: Tiffany Singh, Evotia-Rose Araiti, Tom Back, Cailan Ashby
Audio by Gareth Van Niekerk
Special Thanks to Glenys Treweek