The Net


Description: Single channel video with sound
Exhibition Mode: Digital projection
Media details: 4:3, 1440x1080 digital transfer from 16mm color film

The Net is the central element of a broader production project, Big Round Open Game. The 16mm film was recorded during a residency at Can Xalant in Mataró, Cataluña, Spain. Pre-production for the film was driven by a search for alternative notions of work, employment and productivity as they manifest within everyday scenarios and events, a process that shifted the emphasis away from language and dialog towards gestures and acts - away from objects and towards encounters. Formal techniques more often associated with narrative film production were modified and re-implemented, as a way of extracting new messages and codes from narratives that already exist on the surface of things. The nature of Big Round Open Game is such that its content unfolds over time, reveals multiple outcomes, and bears the marks of its own making.

Rather than following a traditional narrative flow, The Net presents a tight constellation of scenarios, all taking place within very close proximity to one another. The camera is guided by the allusive value of the images rather than by their direct content, with mise-en-scène comprised of individuals and events that already exist in the world. The film looks closely at hands at work, questioning notions of productivity and what it means to be productive or employed. 


Produced with generous support the Canada Council for the Arts, Can Xalant - Centre de creació i pensament contemporani de Mataró