The Terminalia of Funny-land


Description: Single channel digital video or 16mm film  
Exhibition mode: 4:3 Cinema projection or Installation for large projection or screen. Continuous loop
Media details: 16mm film reel or HD Digital file. Silent


Performed by Matthew Cowan, Andy Smith, Ben Whitmore, Justin Jade Morgan, Justin Tregenza, Chris Berthelsen, Andrew McCulley, Luis Prichard-Jones
Cinematography: Ian Powell
Camera Assistant: Andrew Kennedy
Production Assistants: Rohan Heartily Mills, Simran Saseve-Dale

Still Photography: John Cowan
Processed and Telecine: Reversal

Commissioned by Te Tuhi, Auckland, New Zealand for the exhibition Unstuck in Time, 2 August - 26 October 2014 at Te Tuhi, Auckland, New Zealand
Curator and Project Manager: Bruce E. Phillips