The Underworld and the Overworld


An eyesore or a sight for sore eyes? The Underworld and the Overworld is an exploration of the abandoned Yates Building on the corner of Albert Street and Wolfe Street in Auckland City. Once the home of a seed business, and credited as being the city’s first steel-reinforced structure, the building is now covered, inside and out, with graffiti. There is a certain beauty in its abandonment, and the film moves from its mysterious, grotto-like basement to the fourth floor, which has been taken over by a colony of pigeons. The final pan from the fourth floor window is ironic: on the opposite side of the street is Quay West, a five star hotel. From time to time a guest must stand on the balcony of his or her luxury suite and puzzle at the decrepit edifice just across the road.


Director: Richard von Sturmer Music: Brian Eno