Two Person Protest, Three Person Media

Two person protest, Three person media

"Stop buying crap to make yourself feel better, job satisfaction makes us All feel better"

Wells Group Labour Day March, Monday 8am 25 October 2010. Challenging the practice of consumerism to compensate for poor ethical work environments and practices. Suggesting that those that love their jobs don't leave behind the responsibilities of that job after the typical 8 hour day. That we all work 16 hours a day.

Also promoting the New Zealand Government's creation of permanent unemployment, 5% of working people force to be unemployed as a brutal method to stop wages rising through faking the competition for existing jobs.


Featuring: Tao Wells and Laura Shepard
Camera: Colin Hodson
Editing: Colin Hodson (with Tao Wells and Dick Whyte)
Photography: Harry Silver, Gabrielle McKone