Untitled (this painting)


"The significance between types of linen canvas, preparations and priming, and the painting white of a white canvas are all distinctions he makes in the extended hour-long monologue of Untitled (this painting) (c.2003), which may be an uncatalogued work or simply an extended artist statement made to camera – this has been exhibited as an audio recording. His ‘performance’ is filmed in front of his green Untitled (O) painting, which he notes is a counterpart to the orange ‘O’ that resides in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. He describes how the two paintings were made, noting details like the canvases’ creases and a drip of paint on each that makes them more ‘real’, despite the painting being a recreation of the ‘O’ in the Ilford logo, now reproduced within a video of the painting. His stream-of-consciousness tale of the event-triggered decision-making that led to the paintings’ creation forms a kind of oral biography of the work; what Dashper describes in the video as a download of the painting’s hardrive, relieving him of having to explain the painting again, and becoming a time-based variant or stand-in for both the painting and the artist."

- Andrew Clifford from the essay Julian Dashper: Nothing is going to happen