Visual Music Project Stage 3 Op.3


Op.3 of 4 from The Visual Music Project Stage 3.

"Sound optional but recommend play silent, since the work is for the eye, not the ear." - Michael Nicholson

"A copy of the complete original work, released in Wellington (2008), that asserts itself as the first example of a fully mature musical form addressing the human eye rather than the human ear. Tracing origins back to the German / Russian Blaue Reiter group (Klee, Miro, Kandinski) who thought of their work as 'visual music' at the beginning of the last century (1898-1910). These four pieces are the outcome of the artists long pedigree of engagement with finding-out-by-doing projects in his studio and around the landscape and his collaboration with video synthesizer and computer operators in their work places." - Michael Nicholson


Project oversight and composition: Michael Nicholson

Assembly: Diane McAllen

Source material for Visual Music Stage 3 is derived from The Michael Nicholson Studio VIDEOPS RED & GREEN and MN/ACVPS/151179 VIDEO PRIMARY STRUCTURES

Source material was produced with the video resources of The Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education and The Scanimate Video Synthesizer with Brian Hicks, Image East

Processed by Video Lab & Kiwi Films

Sponsored by The Creative Development Brianch of the Australian Film Commission

Recycled soundtracks: John Geake at the controls of the Roland SH5

Video restoration and preservation by The New Zealand Film Archive Ngā Kaitiaki ō ngā Taonga Whitiāhua

Copyright: Michael Nicholson