Waitakere Drag


"Waitakere Drag attempts to reflect on kauri logging, its often historically transportation, the loss of kauri and the continued ongoing attempts by some in contemporary local contexts, such as developers, residents, politicians and various governmental authorities to continue to chop down kauri and destroy its habitats. Despite attempts to save the species and tupuna, many kauri are still being lost, not just due to dieback. In Auckland Council consent applications in Waitakere for instance there would be on average 200 applications to chop native trees and or patches of forest each month on average in 2015 (sourced via Auckland Council). The current Resource Managements Act as amended by the previous National government (with National, Act and New Zealand First parties in support) currently allows for ongoing removal of kauri trees in many cases." - Artist Statement


Performance and concept: Mark Harvey
Camera: Daniel Strang
Grip: Christina Houghton
Editing: Daniel Strang and Mark Harvey

Commissioned by the Kauri Project, curated by Ariane Craig-Smith and Chris McBride