Waiting Event: 64 Bytes


"Waiting event: 64 bytes operates across wireless networks to connect a series of remote sites from which participant-events provide data input. Mimicking the method of sports scoreboards that quantify and tally events as discrete units of data, a series of basketball hoops installed on the streets of Lisbon is used to provide ‘scores’ – data for content that is visually aggregated and displayed on an LED dot-matrix display (DMD). Live video footage of the DMD combined with pre-recorded event footage was streamed to the festival’s Virtual Gallery. It seeks to understand the relationship between objects, events and materiality in the context of emerging Speculative Realist notions of time in which ‘outside and inside are offset against each other as different regions defined by the boundary’ (Massumi, 2011) that temporalizes and spatialises itself." - Artist Statement

Massumi, Brian. Semblance and Event: Activist Philosophy and the Occurrent Arts. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2011. Print.

Above: Comparison of installation and digital image staged for the Post-Screen Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2014)


A project for the Post-Screen Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2014)