"What does a legacy taste, smell, sound, feel, or look like?"

Commissioned by CIRCUIT Artist Moving Image, The Legacies Reader will be launched at a special event 6pm Wednesday 21 September at Artspace Aotearoa.

The launch will feature a conversation with artists Edith Amituanai and Martin Sagadin, moderated by CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams. The reader will be available for one night only at a special discounted price.

Published in association with 2022 Artist Cinema Commission programme Legacies, the reader features contributions from the five artists (Edith Amituanai, Martin Sagadin, Ukrit Sa-nguanhai, Pati Tyrell, Sriwhana Spong) plus fiction and essays from Huni Mancini, Tina Makereti, and others.

The film programme Legacies is now showing at Artspace until 22 October. The project began in late 2021 when CIRCUIT curator-at-large Dr May Adadol Ingawanij (Thai/UK) Ingawanij sent the artists a series of propositions concerning the possible implications of the term.

Legacies are that which we carry, sometimes with pride and sometimes with shame, as the basis of social bonding, whether as things a people embodies with pride or as an enduring pain, a burden, some kind of ghost.

For this reader, editor and CIRCUIT writer-in-residence Thomasin Sleigh has invited the artists to consider one element of May's proposition, "What does a legacy taste, smell, sound, feel, or look like?" The result is a collection of fiction, memory, and images which evoke a sensory response to the term.

Designed by Eva Charlton, The Legacies Reader is a handsome 43-page publication that is both an accompaniment to the commissioned works and a series of speculative responses.

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