AURA Student Critical Forum: Massey Student Opportunity

AURA 2020, 23/24 October, Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua

An opportunity for Massey University 2nd & 3rd year School of Fine Art students.

CIRCUIT is presenting it's annual AURA Festival on 23/24 October at Pataka, Porirua, entitled Sovereign Pacific / Pacific Sovereigns. CIRCUIT would like to invite two Massey students to be part of a cross-institutional student cohort (Massey-Ilam-Elam) who will respond to the AURA Symposium and Artist Cinema Commissions with a written text, to be published in a CIRCUIT E-book in December 2020.  

We have two confirmed students from both Ilam (Chch) and Elam (Auckland), we are now seeking applications from Massey Students in year 2-3 of their studies.

The project is designed to enable art students an opportunity to test the waters of criticality outside of their own practice as makers, and to engage with a focussed group of peers outside their immediate circle. Admission to all AURA events is free for the students. Lunch will be provided at the Symposium. Outcome will be a co-authored published respnse to AURA.

The students will meet informally at the event, and then come together more formally on Sunday 25th immediately after the Symposium. The exact form of the text is open to negotiation with the students, but in the first instance it's suggested that the students have a critical conversation about the event, how it addressed the ideas it set up, etc. The CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams can be present to answer any questions. This conversation will be recorded, CIRCUIT will pay for a transcription, the students can edit it collectively over the following weeks and determine its final form.

To apply for the forum; please write to Mark Williams (director (at) Your email should include your name, your year of current study, and a short statement (1-2 paragraphs) explaining why you want to attend and what you hope to get out of the experience.>

Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday 20>